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We rapidly evaluate construction, operational and financial performance and make recommendations to meet project or investment objectives, or to support turnaround.


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We are

a team of highly experienced construction professionals.

Our skills and expertise comprise the key industry disciplines required throughout the entire lifecycle of construction and infrastructure projects. We are united by our commitment and drive to see the industry develop through the adoption of lessons learned.

We can

provide advice, guidance and skills to help you scope, procure and deliver successful projects.

This may be in the form of pre-investment due diligence, regular health checks, interventions and support where a project is experiencing difficulties, insolvency, or advice to address specific issues.

Our approach

to an assignment would typically involve a team member who would undertake an initial review of the project to understand specific issues.

If appropriate, other members of our multidisciplinary team will contribute. Our initial evaluation comprises short meetings with key project team members and a brief review of essential documentation. A debrief to the board and a report with recommendations would follow.

We are often invited by clients to be part of the implementation of recommendations and to undertakeregular peer reviews or mentoring.

Our clients

include private and public sector clients, developers, end-users, funders and investors, insurers, trustees based in the UK and internationally.

Our Experts

Construction Investigation Group is a team of experienced development and construction professionals, who are trouble-shooters doing real-time investigations of contractors and projects

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Global Construction Success

A guide to effective corporate and project management in the construction industry with a focus on the role that people play in the process, Global Construction Success explores the importance that human dynamics play in risk management of construction projects. Every time a project is structured, designed and built, personal behaviours and inputs can either lead to success or be the cause of failure…

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