It is a sad fact that major projects go wrong more often than they go right. Examples of broken budgets, vastly exceeded time scales, disputes and general public consternation are legion within the construction industry. But does this need to be the case? We wish to share with you our strategies and methods to help avoid these pitfalls. We do this from the perspective of seasoned practitioners who have experience of successful, award-winning projects. We also have experience of bringing failing projects back to stability.

This masterclass is presented by three members of the CIG expert team, Charles O’Neil, Nick Field and Richard Bayfield. The presentation is based on their vast experience of major projects worldwide. It will explore the major causes of project failure, illustrate these with some case studies, and advise how to avoid the pitfalls.

The presentation is structured to address the five fundamental issues relating to major projects:

  • Understanding Complexity
  • Planning, Investigations and Control
  • The Commercial Environment
  • Collaboration
  • Stakeholders

The webinar event was hosted and run by Amanda Bucklow, who is an independent mediator and a founder member of the CIG team.


The event was held on Wednesday 3rd February (12:30 – 13:20 BST)