The collapse of the construction giant, Carillion, was not a ‘black swan’ event: it was entirely foreseeable and widely anticipated by the financial markets and the industry itself. Three years on we now have a clear picture of how devastating the impact on businesses and people has been and an understanding of what can be done to mitigate the risks of repeating patterns.

In this our sixth masterclass, we bring together two very different experts to debate and share their perspectives, supported by the experts on our team.

Bob Wylie, award-winning investigative journalist and author of Bandit Capitalism – Carillion and the Corruption of the British State,


Prof Rudi Klein, ex-CEO of the Specialist Engineering Contractors Group, lobbyist, educator and innovator

The webinar event will be hosted and run by Amanda Bucklow, who is an independent mediator and a founder member of the CIG Services team.

The lunchtime slot will enable you to return to your afternoon Zoom meetings with some stimulating ideas to explore and implement in your projects and your businesses.

Speaker profiles

Bob Wylie

Bob Wylie is well-known for his 14 years with BBC Scotland as a news correspondent. More recently he was the chief of staff and senior advisor to the Leader of Glasgow City Council, for almost two years. Then for a similar time, he was the media director with the Unite union in Scotland. He now runs his own media consultancy, which frequently delivers on trade union projects, including work with the GMB.

Rudi Klein

From 1993 until December 2020, Prof Klein was CEO at the Specialist Engineering Contractors Group where he built the profile and influence of a significant group of sub-contracting businesses within the construction supply chain. He is currently a consultant for the Scottish trade association SELECT and his principal focus is to level the payment landscape for firms of all sizes.

Amanda Bucklow

Amanda is an independent commercial mediator. Her construction and infrastructure experience comprises the entire supply chain, and she has acted as a project mediator in projects of all sizes. She has a particular interest in early intervention to resolve disputes and supporting the appropriate use of data and technology to enhance risk management.

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