New Leadership

Over the many years of mediating disputes, I have noticed that when it comes down to a simple assessment of why disputes happen there are three key features:

• someone’s behaviour was unacceptable to someone else;
• someone broke their word either unintentionally or because it no longer suited them to keep it;
• someone is unwilling or unable to take their share of responsibility or continue with their undertakings.

Behaviour is the product of values, beliefs and assumptions and those are generated by the leadership and maintained because they are tolerated or encouraged – “The way things are done around here.”

CIG colleagues Rudi Klein and Stephen Woodward recently published an article in Construction Law, outlining the urgency for changes in the leadership style in the construction industry if a sustainable business model is a sincere goal and not just talk.

A PDF of the article can be viewed here and is posted with the permission of the publisher.

Photo by GR Stocks Unsplash