It is not yet clear how the construction industry will overcome the Coronavirus pandemic and how the impact of delay and disruption will be addressed. However, at CIG Services we are expecting to see an increase in delay claims using Covid-19 as an excuse to cover other reasons for projects being held up.

As a Quantum Expert appointed to conduct detailed forensic analysis on a wide range of construction and engineering projects, I cannot stress how important it is (more than ever) to document, maintain and record all communications with parties to ensure proper and accurate record keeping (including regularly backing up any cloud based information). Concurrent record keeping is essential in documenting any impacts that could delay and disrupt and is vital in establishing the state of the project at that time, so do not let a lack of contemporaneous record keeping be used to substantiate a counter claim or sound argument against you!

In the months and years ahead, the situation may be very different, for example the other party may not be in business, which is even more reason to document the status of the works may help lessen the impacts of the crisis.

We advise you to make any necessary preparations as accessing information may be more challenging due to lockdown restrictions and staff that are on furlough leave. This will help the strategy of mobilising in any situation.   

Communication and keeping representatives up to date are of imperative importance at this time and complying with procedural provisions could prevent a dispute from arising.